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Julie ‘the book’ Broad is founder of Book Launchers, overall #1 Amazon Bestselling author, and Top 20 under 40 award winner for business success. Through her company, Book Launchers, her YouTube channel BookLaunchers.TV, and many speaking and media engagements she helps aspiring authors write a book readers want to read that will also help the author achieve their dream goals. Learn more about writing and marketing your own impact and income boosting book.

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Julie’s books have collectively won more than 20 book awards, lead to business growth, new opportunities, and new relationships. Through her company Book Launchers she’s spoken at dozens of major conferences, coached thousands of authors, and helped more than 400 authors with their book project. If you’d like to learn how to write, publish, and promote your own book grab her books, bring her to speak at your event, or hire Book Launchers to help with the process.

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The follow-up to Self-Publish and Succeed, the #noboringbooks way to write a non-fiction book that sells, you’ll uncover the strategies you need to market your book, and how to match your big picture goal with the tactics you need to sell and market your book. Uncover tips to get booked on podcasts, win book awards, top bestseller lists and so much more.

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The greatest improvement I’ve noticed in working with Julie is the change in approach to ‘selling myself’. I am not a salesman, I hate sitting across from people thinking I need to sell them something. Now, I feel more confident that I am the prize. I realize the fit is more important and the push back actually pulls people in.

– Mike Bugg


Julie has an uncanny ability to take a story, sentence or pitch and turn it into a brilliant masterpiece that is intensely appealing and influential, and then give guidance on how to use it effectively. Julie’s knowledge and expertise span many areas but one her greatest talents is in her ability to influence, and to teach others to be influential, an ingredient ESSENTIAL for success!

– Rick Wiebe


Julie Broad’s intense credibility and her willingness to assist others who are also “the real deal” is what sets her apart from the other “elite” coaches and instructors. When Julie Broad is speaking on a subject you better take notice – she’s done the research and hardest work so you can do it the easier way.

– Jeff Trapp