Burpees for Books

by | Jul 5, 2016 | Conversations that Sell

Come back July 14th at 4pm PST to View the Event Live Right Here:

The New Brand You is all about using your unique personality to build your brand and stand out from the crowd, so instead of another boring book signing party, I’ve decided to do something that could be a little crazy if a lot of people buy books …

ALL Purchases of 3 Books that are submitted via email to info<at>revnyou.com on July 14th, 2016 BEFORE 5pm PST will be eligible.

During the Burpees for Books campaign, I’ll do 3 burpees for every person who buys 3 books before 5pm PST that day. PLUS all author proceeds from book sales that day are going to be donated to two important causes:

  • The Canadian Red Cross for continued relief and support for the Alberta Fire victims who have a long road ahead to recover from the tragic fires a few months ago.
  • Believe in Youth in support of their efforts to build an orphanage in Peru to house 20 young girls who were previously part of the sex trade, were rescued, and are currently in jail because it’s the only space available to house them. No girl should have to be in jail just because it’s the only home available – so these girls urgently need our help!

And every person who submits their 3 book purchase receipt will also receive $422 in bonuses (Details on TheNewBrandYou.com).

My goal is to donate at least $500 to each cause …. which means about 70 people will need to buy 3 books each on the Burpees for Books campaign day …. all book sales that happen on July 14th with receipts emailed to info@revnyou.com before 5pm PST will be included in the campaign. 

So who is doing burpees?

I’ll be doing burpees for an hour LIVE from Crossfit Nanaimo. If you’re in Nanaimo, come on by, cheer me on, buy your books (limited supply), and even join in on the burpees if you want. 🙂 If you’re not in Nanaimo, mark your calendar and this webpage, and come back to view the event LIVE at 4pm PST on Thursday, July 14th.

Who is the book for?

Maybe you’re excited to support the charities, watch me do burpees, and get the cool bonus package, but you’re wondering who to give your extra two copies of the book to as a gift …

The New Brand You is perfect for anyone that is a subject matter expert who wants to be known for their expertise. Whether they are running a business, selling a product or service, or trying to build a new career, The New Brand You will help them connect to who they are and how they want to present their specialty to the world. It’s a crash course in basic influence and comfortable selling. So, if you have a new graduate in your life, an entrepreneur or someone who is trying to stand out from the crowd with what they are doing, this book will be a great gift for them!

Where to Buy The New Brand You:

Burpees for Books Poster July 2016

It's time for a Brand New Evolution!


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