content creation tips Want a cure for insomnia? Do a Google search for blogs in your industry and start reading.

There are so many boring blogs out there. Sure, some have good information, but often they all have the same information! There’s no perspective or interesting stories to entice the reader.

People do not need more information. Everyone is drowning in information.

People need insights, context and engagement to help them digest information and enjoy what they are learning. Entertain while you educate with your content creation, as much as you can.

When I write, I want you to feel like we’re having a chat over coffee. When I shoot a video, I want to give you some insights you haven’t considered and make you smile a few times along the way. When I write a book like The New Brand You, I want you to feel like we’re having a conversation.

Sure, there’s dry material that has to get covered in almost every subject area. Try making real estate cash flow analysis or legal considerations exciting or fun … it’s a real challenge. If you need to learn SEO and other online marketing strategies – there are dry technical details that have to be covered. But, by throwing in stories, examples, and witty comments, there’s a way to cover the material and keep your reader engaged.

And, in most industries, you really should be looking much deeper than just information to give your audience something that will make you stand out and will make them hungry for more.

In today’s video you’re going to learn three insights into what your audience REALLY wants to hear from you, and how you can knock their socks off with your expertise:

When you sit down to write or share anything … ask yourself:

What does my audience want to achieve?

What are they not thinking about, or not aware of, right now that they really need to consider? What are the opportunities or risks, and how can they can act to take advantage or prevent them?

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