dreamstime_s_36152130As I got up to leave the poker table at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas last week, the older gentleman from Los Angeles who’d been sitting beside me for a few hours said, “Oh – the most honest person at the table is leaving so I think I will leave too.

It’s not saying that much to call me the most honest person at a poker table considering how much you have to cover up and lie to play. Then again, I lost money that night, so perhaps I was too honest?

But, over the couple of days I played, I thought a lot about how your image at the table is as important as it is in your business (and your life).

The minute someone sits down at the table every single person forms opinions about that person based on what they wear, how many chips they buy, how they get themselves set up and what they say (or, don’t say) to the others at the table.

All of that contributes to a rapidly formed image.

The same thing happens in business.

The question isn’t whether you have an image. You do. The question is whether you’re happy with the image you create in the minds of others?

The more things you control and do consciously, the more you’ll be able to influence how others see you – even if they haven’t met you yet.

One of the simplest little things you can change to make sure people you haven’t met take you seriously in business is to make this little change to your email.

That’s in today’s video tip for you:

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