Personal Brand and Google Search ResultsHmm, what was her name?” I thought as I opened up Google.

I think it was Jane Olsen, but is it Olsen with an e, or Olson with an o…?

I entered the first option into the search bar.

A Facebook link was first, so I clicked that.

“She’s in the right city, but this can’t possibly be the real estate professional my friend told me about. There’s nothing ‘real estate’ here … just cats, tattoos and concerts.”

I click back to the Google search results.

The next link goes to the results of a running race. The next link is for a city petition. There are eight results, but none seem to fit.

This isn’t working, so I try the other version of the name with ‘realtor’ beside it.

Ten minutes later, I haven’t found Jane, but I did find another real estate agent who had some interesting blog posts, so I reached out to him instead.

Jane failed the Google test. Make sure you don’t miss out on business because of your Google test results.

Your ideal client will probably look for you online. Make sure you can be found.

But, it goes further than that.

I explain what you need to think about, and what you can do about your Google search results in today’s video tip:

Ultimately, it comes back to the person you’re trying to connect with.

Think about your ideal client. What are they going to want to see when they search your name? What problems will they be actively trying to solve online?

Is it clear how you can help them solve that problem?

Can they easily connect with you to do that?

If you’re answering no to any of those questions, then you should get on your Google Search Results right now.

If you haven’t already, download my complimentary Google Game Plan to help you out.

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