It’s Monday morning.

You’re excited. This is a big week. There are some cool opportunities on the horizon.

You have a date night planned for Wednesday night, and you’ve decided THIS is the week you will hit the gym every day. You even packed your work out gear before bed so you can get to the gym on your lunch break.

You spring out of bed, plod into the kitchen to turn the coffee pot on, and …. “WHAT THE ….?!”

productivity boostYou’ve stepped in something wet and mushy. It squishes between your toes, as you look down to see your dog had been sick on the floor!


You clean up, grossed out, but how can you get mad at the dog? The poor thing must have felt awful!

Now, you must feed the tiny humans who live with you. Easy enough, right? You put milk and Cheerios on the table with spoons and bowls and signal that breakfast should begin. Except, your youngest refuses to eat her Cheerios. “Pancakes!” she insists.

You think about letting her go to school hungry, but relent and make her pancakes.

Now, you look at the clock, and you’re late.

You hop in the car and start speeding to work, but someone cuts you off then slows right down so you can’t even go the speed limit! You feel your temperature rising … and just when you’re about to yell, swear and honk your horn at the person, they turn the corner.

By the time you get to work all you want to do is have a cup of coffee and read the news to relax. You’re suddenly exhausted!

When the day ends, you barely got anything done … again!

What happens to ruin days with so much potential, and more importantly, what can you do about it?

The secret has nothing to do with better time management and everything to do with your SRU’s (Self Regulation Units).

Kevin Hogan explains how you can boost your productivity with Self Regulation Units:

In case you missed it, these little units of energy, can only be replenished in three ways:

  1. Sleep … people who get a lot of sleep can be highly productive.
  2. Glucose … bring on the M&Ms.
  3. Practice … you can grow your SRU muscles so you have just a little more each day.

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Image Credit: D 39193297 © Pavlo Lysenko