questions to ask before you negotiateI’ve got the opportunity to land my first full consulting package client. Can you read the email below to see if I am doing anything repellent here?

I scanned the message and immediately wrote back “Don’t send this. I will walk you through what to do.

My client was about to make a fatal negotiation mistake.

It’s a mistake so many people make when selling their services, especially when they offer higher priced services ($5,000, or more). You see… folks like my client are brilliant at what they do, but they’ve never learned how to sell it. In some cases, they probably don’t even like the idea of selling what they do.

He genuinely wanted to create a package that was a fair price for his potential client and that paid him decently for his work.

The problem was that he didn’t really know why his potential client wanted to hire him. He didn’t know what was most important or why he’d selected him. He made a lot of assumptions.

There was nothing inherently wrong with his email, I just knew that he wasn’t going to sell his services via email. He needed a lot more information to position his package in a way that his potential client would say yes to this.

What is some of the information he needed? This video explains the questions to ask before you negotiate anything:


I told my client the only thing he was allowed to do via email was set up a time to chat. He needed to better understand what his potential client wanted and why. Then, he could position what he had to offer in just the right way so as to truly create a great offer for his potential client, and a great pay day for himself.

It wasn’t what he wanted to hear, but when he landed this client for thousands of dollars more than he’d originally thought he could, he realized that he had made some very wrong assumptions about what his client wanted. He was pretty happy he’d reached out before he hit SEND.

Do you have expertise you want to package up and sell? Do you want to know how to easily attract opportunities and comfortably maximize their value?

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