I don’t like to push what I do on people. I figure, if they are interested, they will ask.”

Chatting with this local small business owner, I was surprised to find out her business was a lot more than just fitness coaching. Even after being in one of her programs for a few months, I had no idea that she offered other services!

Her business is growing from word of mouth. It’s how I found out about her. She is attracting new clients every month. However, I know her business would be growing even faster if she’d be a little bolder in sharing details of all her other services.

The challenge is she doesn’t like selling. And, she’s not alone.

Selling for Small Business Owners – A Scary Frontier

If you feel uncomfortable pitching your idea or selling yourself, I get it. The thought of building a personal brand and shining a spotlight on yourself is nerve wracking.

It’s scary to put yourself out there. People will judge you, reject you, and otherwise make you feel terrible.

People will post things online that they would never say to your face – mean and even totally false things. Your service, product, or idea is not for everyone. And some people will criticize you only because they are jealous or frustrated that you’re doing something they want to do.

But, you need to do it. People need to know how you can help them! And, you need to share it so you can thrive and have a business you’re proud of!

If you’re running a business, you need to know how to offer what you do in a comfortable way that attracts the right people. In this podcast interview with Henry Lopez, we get into that subject. We dive into selling for small business, building a brand and, ultimately creating a life you’re excited about. Check out the interview below.